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How much is this gonna cost FR?

REally? $100?

 No-show to your consult- we donate your $ to

St Jude's or the ASPCA


Booking a consultation with Dr Bfixin is $100.

This goes towards your surgery.   

This can be done in person or virtually.


Locking in your price and saving your date costs $1000

($100 already paid, so $900)


Here are our prices:


Included in the price is facility fee, supplies, anesthesia fee, the post operative garment, all follow up appointments.  And yes, hips are included in a BBL.  


There are no surprise hidden fees. 


We don’t play that.  

If you combine procedures in one visit the prices come down.

Not everyone is a candidate to combine procedures. 

We will determine what is best for you based on your health, your body shape, your lifestyle and responsibilities, and if they can be done in a reasonable amount of anesthesia time.

The common combos:

There are advantages and disadvantages to combining your procedures 


It’s less expensive.  You are already asleep so less anesthesia visits are needed.  Many times the recovery is not longer but just a little bit more intense. Some people don’t have flexibility with days off for vacation or sick days to have 2 surgeries.


It could be a more intense recovery and potentially more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. 

Sometimes the result of one procedure they take away from the result of another.


Many patients finance their surgery INTEREST Free with                           

    • If you are not approved by these finance companies, do not let that get in the way of your dream.  

    • Let us know and we can try to help.  

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Paypal

  • We can help you set up a payment schedule.  If you chose to do this, the surgery must be paid in full 3 weeks before surgery.  

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