If you want to reshape or enlarge your buttocks but they won't respond to exercise, buttock augmentation from Cameo of New York may be the solution for you. After weight loss, people often complain that they have "lost their butt". This can re-contour the buttocks to give a more curvy shape. The result is a firm, sculpted, and sexy rear. Adding fat is only one component to creating a beautiful butt. Almost more important is what you remove with liposuction. By removing fat around the buttocks, we create the curves needed to make great looking buttocks.


The procedure uses fat transfer techniques to enhance contours, smooth dented areas or cellulite areas. By filling the buttocks with fat, sagging tissue can be re-suspended into a more youthful position. This is a natural option for buttock enhancement, with significantly less complications than buttock implants. We usually overfill the buttocks by 30% anticipating some of the fat to disappear over time. For people who do not have a large amount of fat for injection we have mixed the available fat with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  After the procedure we will give you a garment to wear to help shape a perfect curvy shape.

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