There is no compromise for beautiful skin. Treating the skin with a laser or deep chemical peel will yield a tighter more youthful look. If the quality of the skin is not improved, the results any procedure will be lacking. Treating the skin can be performed in place of surgery, or in addition to surgery. 


Laser resurfacing can improve minor flaws such as fine lines or wrinkles under the eyes, forehead or 'smoker's lines' around the mouth, scars from acne or chicken pox, aged or sun-damaged skin, liver spots, birthmarks, warts, or enlarged oil glands on the nose. Laser skin resurfacing can also improve the complexion of yellowish or grayish skin tones.

Laser technology is a constantly evolving science. Depending on your cosmetic concerns and time for recovery, your laser treatment can be tailored to your desire. The results we see after laser resurfacing are typically nothing short of spectacular. The laser which we typically use is the Sciton Joule. It is an Erbium-Yag laser which is very versatile and its margin of safety is great.

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