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We know what you want.

A snatched waist and a flat stomach.


The basics

Step 1. Suck the fat

Liposuction sets the foundation for a sexy frame by removing fat.  

Step 2. What about the skin?

If you have good quality skin

If you have so-so skin quality

If you have a lot of loose skin


Your skin will suck back. 




You may want j plasma to tighten the skin at the same time.


You may want to remove the skin at the same time.  On the belly it is called an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.


After we remove fat, we tighten the muscles that create an internal corset that snatches the waste and removing and tightening the loose hanging skin.  


A dead giveaway of a tummy tuck is a belly button that looks like s#*t. 

That is one of the best parts of our surgeries. 

We make designer belly buttons and that’s a big reason people choose us for their tummy tucks.  


Dr B has developed some special techniques (including the Ultimate Tummy tuck™ ) to snatch the waist

His incisions are always super low key (under the underwear-its Vicky's secret).  

more about tummy tucks

You may have lost a tremendous amount of weight and instead of feeling great about your accomplishment, you are depressed and ashamed of how you look with the loose skin that now hangs. 

It becomes difficult to hide it in clothes. 

You did the hard part already. 

We can help you remove the skin and feel amazing about your accomplishment.  

There is no exercise at the gym that is going to tighten loose skin or repair a muscle stretched after having a baby. 

Getting surgery to fix this is not being lazy. 

No one should make you feel bad that you are taking a shortcut. 

F them. 

Take your body back and feel great about how you look.  

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