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The Brazilian buttlift (BBL)  will make your butt look better in clothes.  

We have been known to put the


in ordinary


We perform this surgery in the absolute safest manner.  We use Rump Radar to design your butt.  This minimizes the risk of a fat embolism.  

The major source of concern for this surgery.  

Your safety is our #1 priority.  


  • 1000s performed 

  • Lectured worldwide

  • Author of the BBL Bible

  • Dr Miami Squad member

  • A founder of World Association of Gluteal Surgeons



An artistic eye and creative hands cannot be taught in a classroom.


You simply have them or you don't.   



You need to connect with your doc to have a shared vision of your final result. 

You wanna make sure your doc can come to the cookout. 

The cookout

No fat? No problem

1.  Gain weight or

2. Dr. B offers butt implants for those who want a butt with nice projection and little fat or

3. Injections such as Sculptra is another option.   There are limitations to what Sculptra can do and we look forward to sharing our info with you. 


Check out my book, "The BBL Bible: How to get a butt to die for without dying for it".

It is the ultimate guide to recovery, getting the best result, what to ask at your consult, and tips and tricks shared by patients and Dr B to give you the best experience.   

the BBL BIBLE Book Cover mockup.jpg

It is written in typical DrBfixin fashion. 

It is lit, as you would expect :)

What about Cellulite?

A BBL does not fix cellulite, but QWO™ can. 

This is an injection that can permanently improve or correct cellulite. 

It is performed in 3 minute, 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart and has no downtime.  

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